Since 1834, we have been the premier men's fraternity committed to Building Better Men.

Our Vision

We build better men for a global society through service, leadership development, and the lifelong personal growth of our diverse membership. We do this by focusing on our our four founding principles in promoting a holistic, impactful undergraduate and alumni experience:

  1. The Promotion of Friendship
  2. The Development of Character
  3. The Diffusion of Liberal Culture
  4. The Advancement of Justice

Above all, we achieve this vision through creating and empowering a strong, close group of brothers. As brothers we enjoy the best and worst moments of life. Our brothers are there to have fun with us, to study with us, to graduate with us, and most importantly: to challenge us. Delta Upsilon is a group of values-centered men committed to becoming the best versions of themselves while having fun along the way.

Fraternities have an amazing place in this age of digital media and fake friendships. They allow us to build real, purposeful bonds with men of good character and people that can make us better.
— Brother Doug Avera, Boise State '14